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Weather you are an insured, uninsured, Dr. Burk's Membership Plan, or cash payment patient, you have several options of payment. We accept cash or check, all major credit cards, as well as Care Credit (an independent financing company). 

Dr. Burk and his staff are committed to assisting you with finding a solution for your financial situation. We understand the burden of unexpected expenses and strive to provide our patients with optimal care.

As a courtesy, Burk Family Dental will file your insurance claims for you. Claims are filed electronically for a rapid response from your insurance carrier, therefore greatly reducing the waiting time to receive benefits. We are here to help you and explain any insurance questions. We will assist you in the reimbursement process through communication with your insurance company. We will do everything that we can to help you receive your benefits (i.e. transmission of your insurance claim, sending radiographs, explanation of treatment letters, necessity and urgency letters, and telephone conversations to insurance companies to provide needed information) all at no cost to you.


Understanding Insurance

Dr. Burk and out-of-network insurance companies…

We understand that by not being an in-network provider, we may be more expensive than your in-network options. We did not make this decision without the consideration of all factors. We treat every patient as an individual and tailor the most conservative treatment plan available, while maintaining consistent fees. We will file your insurance on your behalf and charge you the estimated difference at your appointment. 


Why can you only estimate what my insurance will pay toward my procedure?

We perform a benefit analysis to assess your benefits under your plan. However, each plan is specific to the employer and changes are made annually. The amount of financial responsibility is determined by your insurance company after the claim has been filed. Insurance companies will not tell us their specific payment per procedure, however they will occasionally tell you, the patient. If you would like, we would be happy to provide the specific dental codes for you to contact your insurance provider directly.


What is "UCR" and how is it determined?

UCR is the acronym for usual and customary rate. This is an insurance specific term used to describe the amount they are willing to pay for a particular procedure. There is no standard fee or accepted method for the determination of UCR. The administrator of each dental plan determines the fees that the plan will pay. Because Dr. Burk is an out-of-network provider, please note that insurance companies base their quoted percentage of coverage on their own fees (UCR) and not our office's actual fees. This may result in a balance due higher than expected. Should an outstanding balance due result after your insurance company processes your claim, you will then be sent a statement.


Why is the recommended treatment not a covered benefit?

Your treatment plan is individually tailored, and is not based on your dental benefits or method of payment. Some employers or insurance plans exclude coverage for necessary treatment as a way to reduce their costs. The care you receive from our office is based upon our professional judgment and experience. We do not believe it is in your best interest to compromise your dental care to accommodate your insurance program.

Dr. Burk’s Membership Plan

I have had the fortune of treating several wonderful people over the years and have noticed that unfortunately some are not able to return due to finances. Some have never been insured, some have lost insurance due to employer cut-backs, or the insurance offered is so restrictive that the cost/benefit is poor. I have decided that there has to be a way to help everyone have a beautiful smile and quality care.

For our patients who do not have dental coverage, our membership plan is for you. While this is NOT an insurance plan, I feel it will provide excellent care at a reasonable cost. 

Dr. Burk’s Membership Plan Annual Fee: $475

What is included?

  •  An initial comprehensive exam (value of $138)
  • Routine adult/child cleaning and x-rays (value up to $463)
  • 6-month check-up: exam, x-rays, and routine adult/child cleaning (value up to $310)
  • Any emergency dental exams scheduled during regular office hours (exam & x-ray a $167 value) 
  • For ALL dental treatment that you complete within 12 months from your initial appointment, you will receive a 15% discount*. There are no annual limits, deductibles, waiting periods, or exclusions. This even applies to elective procedures like veneers or bleaching.

If you require non-surgical periodontal therapy, that is not included, however it is subject to the 15% discount. Once any services have been rendered, the fee is non-refundable.

*The 15% discount applies to services paid in full at the time the service is rendered.

This is NOT a dental insurance plan, and may only be used here at Burk Family Dentistry.

  • CANNOT be used in conjunction with, including reimbursement by, another dental plan or any other type of insurance. 
  • CANNOT be used for hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind or for services for injuries covered under workman's compensation.
  • CANNOT be used for treatment which, in the sole opinion of the treating dentist, lies outside the realm of capabilities.
  • CANNOT be used for referrals to specialists.

Call us at 512-989-0888, if you would like to know more about this plan and schedule your appointment.

Special Financing

Many of our patients, with or without insurance, have found that Care Credit affords them the care they need with manageable payments. 


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