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Patient Reviews

Nicole Valdez on 03/31/2017

Recently moved to the area from Illinois. What a fantastic office! Dr. Burk is so thorough and explains everything along the way. You can rest assured that no unnecessary work will be done or be suggested to be done. That's a big one for me as I have a mouth full of old silver fillings. Every dentist I have gone to has asked me about replacing them - not necessary. Great conversationalists- applies to everyone in the office. You will feel comfortable the moment you walk thru the door.

Paige Bailey on 03/29/2017

Their usual stellar performance

George Harding on 03/17/2017

Best dentist ever. Very professional team and treating you as a family. I recommended Dr. Burk to everybody. I found him online and is the best decision I ever made.

Yanara Taboada on 03/16/2017

Dr. Burk and his staff are an awesome dental service team!

Deborah Utley on 03/16/2017

Dr. Burke and his staff are wonderful! Friendly, professional, and always put my dental fears to rest!

Kate Diamond on 03/08/2017

Dr. Burk is so knowledgable and practices common sense dentistry. He really cares for his patients and their welfare. The office staff, especially the dental hygienist, is superb.

Barbara Tomek-White on 03/03/2017

I always feel my time is respected. The staff is professional but at the same time I feel like I am with friends.

Noreen Moore on 03/02/2017

Had as much fun as you possibly can at a Dentist Office.

Louis "Dwaine" Hobbs on 02/23/2017

They make "going to the dentist" a pleasant experience not something to dread. Dr Burk has chosen staff just as nice as he is, even enjoy chatting with Holly while she cleans my teeth. Great dental care in a great atmosphere!

Anonymous on 02/23/2017

Thank so much.

Emma Rivers on 02/21/2017

Excellent practice! Wish all docs conducted themselves like Dr. Burk and staff.

Melissa Hobbs on 02/17/2017

It is always a great experience when I see Dr Burk and his team. They are friendly, professional and gentle!!

Laura Bredt on 02/15/2017

As always, everyone at Burk Family Dentistry was wonderful. I never thought I'd ever find a dentist where I actually look forward to my visits, but I found that here. The team never fails to be friendly, thorough, gentle... and yes, even funny. You are all great, and I appreciate everything you do!

Lisa Adams Rayborn on 02/14/2017

Dr. Burk and staff have created a relaxing and fun-filled environment. You forget you're at the dentist. I actually enjoy my visit to the dentist office.

Susan Meyer on 02/13/2017

Really quick, in and out and great work.

Kevin Bobadilla on 02/08/2017

Great care and customer service!

Anonymous on 02/04/2017

You couldn't find better Dental care anywhere thats better then Dr. Burks practice! Excellent Staff, Excellent Dr.!!!!!

James Fischer on 02/01/2017

I truly enjoy the experience. Everyone is extremely helpful and genuine. I seems as though everyone reviews your history prior to your appointment so the questions that need to be asked are and it takes the onus from the patient. It helps me think about what to ask next and to indicate if I have any other issues.

Barry Bowles on 01/24/2017

on a scale from 1 to 10, Dr. Burk and his staff get an 11.

Daniel Garcia on 01/20/2017

Wonderful staff and Dr. Burk is amazing! They make you feel so comfortable you forget you are at a dentist office!

Rhinard Parry on 01/19/2017

Excellent experience!

Bethanie Bowles on 01/18/2017

Dr Burk and his staff are always pleasant and professional. Love them!!

Pam Griggs on 01/18/2017

Always a great experience and good folks with positive attitude and happy environment.

Earl Brown on 01/16/2017

Y'all know you are an awesome group. You don't need me to tell you. Dr. Burke is a hoot and super nice. Holly is always very gentle and a pleasure to chat with.

Jason Huval on 01/13/2017

Great dentist

Anonymous on 01/13/2017

As always the Staff is welcoming, professional and very pleasant. I highly recommend this Office.

Mark Richardson on 01/10/2017

Always friendly and takes care of me. Doesn't let me feel any pain.

Jeanette Hodge on 01/07/2017

Dr. Burk and his gang are always happy and helpful. I have been going there for over a decade and would never switch.

Anonymous on 01/06/2017

Amazing like always! My family has been a patient of Dr. Burk's for years and we just love this place!!

Tami Roberts on 01/06/2017

I have found my dental home! Lots of laughter with a knowledgable and caring staff. I appreciate the efforts Dr.Burk and staff put forth to make sure I'm comfortable each visit.

Anonymous on 12/22/2016

Great visit! Excellent staff! I've been visiting Dr. Burk since 2001

Willie Watson on 12/21/2016

Best customer service. A visit always feels like you're catching up with family. And the expertise that Dr Burke brings to dentistry is unmatched. He solved tooth pain that no other dentist could solve just with adding in the right tooth paste.

Jill Leberknight on 12/17/2016

Always prompt, polite yet caring.

Anonymous on 12/16/2016

Excellent Never liked going to the dentist until I went to Burk Family Dentist Best Doc and people ever.

Joe Colbert on 12/14/2016

As always, my experience at Dr. Burk's Dentistry is the best - I use to be nervous about having work performed on my teeth and I tell anyone asking if I know a good dentist - I say "I know and have the best dentist there is!" I talk about the method he uses when giving an injection, wow ---- and his wonderful staff who also do a terrific job!

Mary Jane Ray on 12/14/2016

Quick, polite, down to earth!

George Reid on 12/14/2016

Going to see Dr. Burk is as much fun as you are ever going to have going to the dentist. Great dentist, better person!

Anonymous on 12/13/2016

you all are all great.

Coque Reed on 12/07/2016

I am no fan of dentristry but I can say without hesitation that Dr Burk and his staff are the best!!! The atmosphere is very relaxing and laid back. Dr Burk and his staff have a really good sense of humor. A lot of laughter to take your mind off what's really going on. Highly recommended!!

Martha Burton on 12/01/2016

you are treated as family and not as a patient.

John Mecey on 11/22/2016

Dr. Burk is always so amazing. He and his team make you feel so at home and comfortable. I found out I had a cracked tooth and both Dr. Burk and Denise assured me everything would be okay when I got a little upset about it. Best dentist experience I've ever had.

Anonymous on 11/18/2016

Everybody is very nice as usual and pleasant . I really appreciate that.

Richard Gonzalez on 11/14/2016

Wonderful consistent staff complements an awesome dentist. Keep up the good work!

Shannon Coles on 11/10/2016

Always a pleasure to see everyone here!

Anonymous on 11/09/2016

My mother was in alot of pain and eventhough Dr. Burk had never seen her, he was able to attend her needs and resolve the issue beautifully. Everyone at the office is very attentive. Great service and great attitude!

Anonymous on 11/02/2016

Dental Service Excellent!!!! From the front desk to the dentist chair.

Greg Rattler on 11/01/2016

Wonderful Dr and wonderful staff

Darla Roessler on 10/31/2016

Everyone was so sweet and nice. I felt very welcome and Dr.Burk was excellent at treating my problem.

Aurora Hernandez on 10/27/2016

Great staff and they care about you as a person

Leron Dale on 10/26/2016

Dr Burke and staff are extremely professional and courteous and friendly in a natural, unforced manner!

Joseph White on 10/26/2016

The staff is always friendly and efficient. Dr. Burk is very kind and puts me at ease; he is a people-person and obviously loves his work. Dental procedures are scarey for me, but he and his staff always set the pace at "comfort-level". I highly recommend Dr. Burk. I have seen many dentists in my long life, and in my opinion, Dr. Burk is the best!

Connie Wilson on 10/20/2016

I have been a patient of Dr Burk for over 15 years and can honestly say that Dr Burk and his staff are exceptional and provide the highest level of professional service to their patience. I know that many people dread going to the Dentist but I always look forward to my dental visit with Dr Burk and his staff.

Robert Riley on 10/19/2016

Everyone there is amazing. When I hear someone say that they do not like going to the dentist I tell them about Dr. Burke and his staff. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!!!

Denise Marshall on 10/18/2016

Outstanding as always. Very friendly staff. Can't thank you enough for everything you do!

Patrick Petherbridge on 10/14/2016

Never like going to the dentist but Dr. Burk and crew make it fun and painless.

Michael Ryan on 10/14/2016

Very good experience. The best Dentist and staff around!

Greg Osborne on 10/12/2016

Holly and Dr. Burk always brighten up my day. I always know that I am receiving the best dental care with each of my appointments.

Joseph Greer on 10/07/2016

Awesome as always! Holly always entertains me while cleaning my teeth and Dr. Burk always answers my questions about any issues I'm having with the recession of my gums. The whole office staff makes you feel like you're a part of their family!

Sally Tomasek on 10/03/2016

Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. It is worth the drive from Marble Falls. Top notch!!

Chris Tate on 09/30/2016

The best of the best!!

Louise Tate on 09/30/2016

As always, excellent health care. I have complete confidence in the professionalism and expertise of the Burk Team. That's why I've been a patient for more than a decade.

Dan Utley on 09/29/2016

Always a great experience!

Craig Didier on 09/23/2016

As usual the whole office staff were extremely friendly and Dr Burk as well. Don't dread going to the dentist with this group of people, they feel like family to me.

Debbie Bowers on 09/19/2016

Two things that are important to understand about the Burk 'FAMILY" dentistry. It's like extended family. We remember and check up on each other. Dr. Burk and his AWESOME staff take care of me as a whole person with an focus on my dentistry or whole oral health. That is of an undefinable in terms of value to me. Also, I've learned more about how to take care of my teeth from my hygienist which means the world to me. I also recommend Dr. Burk to any of my friends or co-workers who aren't locked into there dentist.

Willie Scurlock on 09/16/2016

Their attitude and honest opinions were the best! They didn't offer things I didn't need and took time to explain the options I had for my situation.

Alberto Arredondo Jr on 09/15/2016

Dr. Burk and his staff are extra ordinary as always.

Paul Wood on 09/09/2016

Dr. Burk and his staff are positive and energetic. They practice what they preach in an approach to healthy living. You can tell everyone has fun working there, but tasks are taken seriously and performed in a professional manner.

Deborah Utley on 09/09/2016

Never dread going to the dentist!

Jo Hamilton on 09/01/2016

I love the friendliness of the entire staff and the way they make us feel like we're among friends. Dr. Burk is very professional, but at the same time, he's friendly & has a great sense of humor. Overall, our visits to Dr. Burk's office are a very pleasant experience!!!

Anonymous on 08/30/2016

Very enjoyable visits - the people are a great mix of funny and professional, which leads to being much more relaxed than I usually am at a dentist. They took the time to explain everything they were talking about, and also caught sloppy/lower-than-their-standards work by former dentists. Easily the best dentist I've ever been to.

Jacob Taylor on 08/27/2016

Awesome as always

Becky Fischer on 08/27/2016

Dr. Burk, Holly, and entire staff are excellent. It's refreshing to know there is such a professional and enjoyable dentist experience in the Pflugerville area. I can't say enough positive things about the team. You need to give them a try!

Greg Harmon on 08/26/2016

Awesome as always. Everyone friendly, cheerful and fantastic customer service! This Doc ROCKS!- and so does his staff!

Dorothy Struble on 08/24/2016

As always friendly staff and good dentist. They actually lis ten instead of doing things their way.

Christine Bird on 08/24/2016

As always friendly folks and great atmosphere almost make it fun to go to the dentist.

Anonymous on 08/17/2016

Honestly, the best dentist I have ever been to. Personable, honest, professional, and caring. They ask about you, they know you, and they know your family. It is very nice in this day in age to go to a place that provides excellent dental care while still maintaining a family atmosphere. Highly recommended!!!

Ferrell "Casey" Soileau on 08/15/2016

Always, always a good experience with Dr. Burk and his staff! I appreciate not being stressed to the max when I have a dental appointment.

Lisa Adams Rayborn on 08/12/2016

Denise is the best! Very thorough but gentle - Dr. Burke always make you feel right at home -

Anonymous on 08/11/2016

Very professional and courteous

Anonymous on 08/09/2016

The staff at Burck Family Dentistry is always welcoming and friendly. They make the dental experience a relaxing and positive one.

Joanne Frantzen on 08/09/2016

Very good service. Good job!!!!!!!

Carlos Pacheco on 08/06/2016

Always a great experience.

Laura Bredt on 08/05/2016

It is always great! Staff is so friendly and Dr. Burk is great, funny and professional.

Barbara Forbes on 08/03/2016

Always pleasant and their recommendations seem to be approprate to conditions

Anonymous on 08/02/2016

So good. Of course, I called Dr. Burk "the devil" as soon as he walked in. :-) Terrified of dentists. But...I like the whole office very there. Top notch.

Julee Ware on 07/27/2016

I love family dentists, they treat you so well. The cleaning was exceptional! My teeth look and feel wonderful.

Jennifer Gabelmann on 07/25/2016

Everyone was very nice!

Bethanie Bowles on 07/14/2016

This office is personal and professional. I trust them with our dental care.

Dawn Grimes on 07/08/2016

This is the best office I've ever been to. They are so warm and sweet. They explain the process and your needs. They make you feel like family, even if it's been a while since they've seen you.

Teea Robinson on 07/07/2016

Great practice with a friendly staff who does a thorough job!

Anonymous on 07/06/2016

you are not treated as a patient, but as FAMILY

John Mecey on 06/29/2016

Been a patient for over 10 years and it's the most laid back atmosphere. Staff is awesome and my teeth are healthy. Most of the time I don't have to wait very long to be seen.

Matthew McKenzie on 06/25/2016

Dr Burk has an outstanding staff.

Irma Perez on 06/24/2016

Absolutely awesome! Always love coming to see everyone at Dr. Burk's office! Dr. Burk - don't forget... "shoot a monkey"!! Have an awesome day!

Tami Roberts on 06/22/2016

Since moving to Austin the rest of the family had visited Burk Family Dentistry and had great experiences. So when it was my turn I went in and it confirmed their feedback. 1st class, friendly efficient and accurate dental care!

Gary "Randy" Taylor on 06/21/2016

Everyone was helpful and the conversation was fun.

Jon Grimes on 06/21/2016

They always do a great job!

Anonymous on 06/15/2016

Dr. Burk and staff making a trip to the dentist FUN! Was apprehensive about scheduled procedure but Holly's assurance that everything would be fine lessened my anxiety. Where else do you go to the dentist and hear the dynamic duo of Holly and Dr. Burk singing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.

Susan Meyer on 06/15/2016

I love going to the dentist! People don't usually say that, but if you go to Burk Family Dentistry you do. Everyone here is patient, kind and helpful. I feel like I'm visiting friends. My appointment always begins promptly and they communicate clearly about what's happening and my comfort level is of the utmost importance. I'll never go to another dentist's office again! Even when I lived in San Marcos I drove all the way to this office. Once, I thought I should try a dentist that was further south (for convenience)-- big mistake-- I only tried that once. If you're looking for a dentist's office where you are like family, where you are their number one priority, then you need Burk Family Dentistry.

Joni Berrios on 06/14/2016

I was the original scaredy-cat about seeing the dentist. I have had horrible, nightmare-ish experiences in the past. I would get sick to my stomach just hearing someone else say THEY were going to the dentist! But as an adult I knew I had to go back. My husband found Dr. Burk and it has been amazing! From the second I walked in to the office, I knew this was so different from what I had been through before. It's like going to a party at a really nice person's house and while you're there, they take care of your teeth! Dr. Burk, Mel and his whole staff are just the nicest, most caring people and make my visits pleasant! This is the place for you if you have any fears!! I am no longer afraid and look so forward to having my dental work completed so that I don't have to worry about it anymore!!

Kelly McLain on 06/12/2016

Dr. Burk is an awesome dentist!

Madeline Flores on 06/09/2016

We feel like we're part of the family at Dr. Burk's office! They take excellent care with my children and make sure they are comfortable and aware of everything that's happening during their appointment.

Matthew Tomasek on 06/08/2016

Who says going to the dentist can't be fun? :) Dr. Burk and his staff provide high quality service and I've always enjoyed going there.

Kenneth Adix on 06/08/2016

Always a friendly, professional and positive experience.

Jennifer Pierson on 06/07/2016

Very good experience.

Richard Thweatt on 06/06/2016

Very friendly and always make sure that I'm comfortable and that my jaw / mouth isn't hurting while getting any of my procedures done. Very friendly staff always.

Jeanette Hodge on 06/05/2016

Best people in the world! I highly recommend them.

Sharon Knight on 06/02/2016

Excellent service; as usual.

Derek Griffin on 05/31/2016

The dental hygienists are great! Gentle, friendly and professional. You are kept aware of what they are doing so there's no surprises. Dr Burk is extremely congenial and also has a gentle touch. Staff is always happy and in great moods there. They also treated my elderly mother with TLC.

Ellette Vinyard on 05/27/2016

No one better than you guys Thanks

Coque Reed on 05/27/2016

Exceptional staff; top notch services

Sheryl Harrison on 05/19/2016

Treated like family

John Mecey on 05/19/2016

Dr Burk is an awesome dentist who cares about his patients

Sue Flores on 05/18/2016

Excellent courteous service!

Anonymous on 05/17/2016

Dr. Burk's office is always so cheerful, and it makes going to the dentist 'fun'. They are very thorough in their examinations.

Anonymous on 05/16/2016

Very nice offices. Dr. Burk did a great job explaining what he was doing and why to help my daughter with her pain. He put her at ease.

Anonymous on 05/15/2016

I chose Burk Family Dentistry nearly solely based on their Yelp reviews. Let me say that they earned all of those Yelp reviews. From the front office person all the way to Dr. Burk, they were professional but at the same time very relaxed and we did a lot of laughing. My diagnoses were what I had expected them to be, but Dr. Burk and his lovely hygienist were very encouraging. So, do yourself a favor. Go to Dr. Burk. There will be no recriminations and you will be on the way to good dental health. And don't forget, your dental health can affect your overall health.

Melanie Roberts on 05/13/2016

All the people in your staff are always great and very nice. i really appreciate that.

Richard Gonzalez on 05/11/2016

Routine dental exam with Holly and Dr. Burk. Staff is friendly from the time you enter the office, which is clean, well maintained and very comfortable.

Anonymous on 05/04/2016

Love the staff and Dr. Burk. He makes going to the dentist an enjoyable time.

Katherine Hancock on 05/03/2016

i felt like I was in control of what was happening to my teeth. Dr. Burk explained all my options in a clear way that helped me make the needed decisions.

Anonymous on 05/03/2016

Just go you won't regret meeting these friendly professionals who treat you like you're family and truly have your dental health in best interest. Thumbs up and all smiles with my experience.

Juliana Leija on 04/27/2016

The staff provide excellent service. They are welcoming and friendly.

Lilian Juneau on 04/22/2016

Wonderful experience, as always!

Darla Roessler on 04/20/2016

You are are the best!! I had the best experience I have ever had at the dentist. Holly and Dr. Burk are amazing! But, I am more than sure everyone else there is super awesome too, even though I didn't get the chance to meet them.

Amber Brock on 04/13/2016

Goes above and beyond to make your experience as stress free as possible!

Helen Newcomb on 04/12/2016

Amazing place! Dr. Burk will always be my dentist :)

Anonymous on 04/12/2016

Friendly and makes it fun.

Michael Ryan on 04/08/2016

It's always a pleasure visiting with the staff and Dr.Burke. They are very good at keeping your mind off the fact you are at the dentist which for many is unpleasant.

Leanne Koury on 04/07/2016

Holly is a professional and fun to deal with. Dr. Burk always makes me relax and lets me know the condition of my teeth. It was so much fun to see Melanie back working again. I know from personal experience what she has been going through the last few months. It was great to see the entire team together again.

Joseph Greer on 04/06/2016

Very personable staff. Everyone was great! My search for a good dentist is over!

Marina Evans on 03/23/2016

Excellent customer service, patient-centered care, and friendly, caring staff with evident excellent team work. Thank you for caring for us!!!

Gracie Garcia on 03/20/2016

As always a great experience from a top notch dentist and staff. Funny to say I enjoy going to the dentist but with this crew I do. Wouldn't change for anything.

Louise Tate on 03/16/2016

Great as always. My kids actually look forward to coming here every 6 months.

Bill Umberson on 03/15/2016

Amazing as always. I love Dr. Burk ... I would never even consider another dental provider. His entire staff is so welcoming, informative and kind. I love Burk Family Dentistry!!!!

Cara Edwards on 03/14/2016

Always a pleasure to go back to them for a check up. I trust them 100% when it comes to my teeth. Great place to go.

James Selman on 03/14/2016

I have severe dental anxiety and Dr Burke and his crew made me feel welcome and comfortable. His use of technology to make the appoints go faster and smoother was also a plus. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist.

Adam Boerschig on 03/11/2016

Dr. Burk and his Team are excellent-timely, patient centered, skilled, experienced, and reassuring. Thank you for your great service and the chocolates that you offer to us!!

Gracie on April 18, 2017

Excellent! Best dentist in Austin, maybe Texas! Had a dental emergency on a Sunday, Dr. Burk got me in right away on Monday, without an appointment. Had to extract a tooth; procedure was fast and painless.

Anonymous on 03/08/2016

I love Dr. Burk and his staff! I always look forward to my visit because I know I get the best service from the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and professional staff. I can't remember ever leaving the office without a smile on my face.

Maria on April 6, 2017

From the first time I found this office, I was so impressed!!! Dr. Burk is the most gentle dentist I have been to EVER.... of course shots are most peoples fear, but his technique when administering a shots is unbelievable - I am telling you it does not hurt - you don't even know you have had a shot. That sold me immediately - friendly and excellent staff that work well together. I HIGHLY recommend this office!


I had a very positive experience, and I appreciate Dr. Burk's approach of not over-treating